Monday, November 01, 2010

Ode to a glue

I'm a big gluer. Are you?
This is my favorite, all-around glue.
When I have to pack craft supplies for a trip and space is tight, this is the one I bring.
If I was being marooned on a deserted island and could pick only one glue, this would be it.

Yes, it is smelly. That is why it works.

This is a partial list of items I have glued to one-another with 527 in the pursuit of art, fashion and home repair:

glass to metal (see this project)
plastic goat head to button (see this blog post)
pearl trim to fabric handbag
tiny cardboard letters to aluminum foil birthday hat (the glue gun was AWOL)
button to jacket (the sewing machine was AWOL, just kidding, I was feeling lazy)
shoe sole to leather shoe (years ago and they are still going strong!)
metal knob to cabinet door
plastic emblem-thingy to car door (shh, don't tell my spouse)
wood perch to bird feeder

What about you? What's your Deserted Island craft supply?

you can buy my favorite glue right here