Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Craft Safely with Rotary Tools

This, dear reader, is what can happen when you are a curly-headed crafter and you reach down to pick up something you dropped, mid-polish.


Those rotary tools (Dremels, et al) are not innocuous little craft room helpers. They have serious spin!

Craft safely with your rotary tool:
1.Always wear eye protection, even if you are just going to do one quick thing.
2.Always put your hair up and back, even if it is not curly and voluminous.
3.Always know how you can 'kill' your drill. If your tool does not come with a quick-off button or kill switch you may want to make sure you have the ability to yank that plug very quickly if the need arises.

And don't worry, fair reader, the head of hair shown in this photo of actual craft danger is just fine. Cathy was able to untwist her hair from the polishing pad. She worked at it diligently for hours while her spouse repeated 'cut it!' Way to stick it out, Cathy.

I hope you wear a bandana next time-