Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Something I should have ordered already...

Ahh, this has happened for the past few years.

We don't do a whole lot of crazy holiday decorating at my house. The girls made 1,000 snowflakes (I'm estimating) from scrap paper. We have a tiny tree that we decorate with little felt animals and handmade pictures of snow or friends or even, this year, a purple mouse (drawn by Nora.) We have a seasonal table with white and snowy items which is the scene for many tiny adventures involving teeny dolls. We clutter our mantle with holiday pictures and greeting cards and fill the fruit bowl with apples and pears. Voila!

Then, a few days before Christmas my family gets out all the tiny stocking gifts we've been making and hoarding for each other to wrap and I remember, d-oh! No stockings.

I want to have beautiful, handmade Christmas stockings for my family and I keep forgetting until, oh, about December 21st. Um, that's too late to make them and too late to order some. Yeah, I know we could just run out to the dollar store and get a few of those fluffy red-and-white imported ones but that wouldn't make me very happy. We do actually have ONE fluffy red stocking that we share between the whole family (we put the gifts inside and put names on them, plus have an overflow basket) but that's getting cumbersome. One year we used my husband's (clean) camping socks and they got stretched out. Not festive at all...

So, this year I am going to order six of these stockings from my old friend, Crispina Ffrench. Her super-fluffy pothholder rug greets my toes each day when I get out of bed. My daughters were both wrapped in and played on a soft-as-butter recycled cashmere sweater rug she made for us.  I think these stockings will be perfect for our gifts when we use them NEXT year. Wow, I'm planning ahead! what a concept.

By the way, the amazing and talented Crispina teaches workshops on sweater recycling at the Alchemy Initiative, a cooperative craft space in Pittsfield, MA.

If I was close enough, I'd attend her adult/child scarf workshop on December 29th. If you are close enough, you should go. Read more about Crispina here.