Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I've got the hiring blues...

We need to add a person or persons to our staff here at the store. Staff members have babies, go back to school, participate in art shows, take trips, grow gardens. Life happens.

We need a new face. I'm not happy about this at all.

I love my employees. I hate hiring new ones...


Well, it could be because yesterday I put a very carefully-crafted ad on Craigslist and then I got twenty seven emails from folks who don't really fully read the ad, and don't use spell check, and aren't available when we need them, and aren't really crafty at all, and did I mention the spell check? Or the fact that the ad specifically says to go to the store and fill out an application not to email me?

Now sometimes, this is kinda funny. Like the time we got an email from a guy who was a club DJ. Maybe he thought we needed better tunes at our work table?  Or yesterday, I got an email with no fewer than a dozen exclamation points where the writer wanted to tell me that she really! wanted! to! work! at! our! store! Another email told me what a detail-oriented person the writer was. Actually, what it said was 'I am very detail orientated.' Then she told me she was only available on weekdays.  These things are both odder if you read the ad.

I go through this every time we hire. My husband and I run this business together, but he insists that I hire all the floor sales staff. He shifts his schedule around so I can spend the time to meet with all the right people. He listens to me when I rant about the probably-qualified teen who showed up for the interview in flip-flops and a tank top. He pours me a glass of wine as I wonder how I could clone one or two of our current fabulous staff members instead of hiring someone else.

In the end, it seems worth it. We have an amazing staff of really talented artists and craftspeople. Most of them sell their work at craft shows or galleries or through free-lance design jobs. They know so much technical information about so many different items that we carry AND they get really excited when a new tool or bead or ribbon arrives. Adding another great person to this mix always ends up improving our store and making our customer's experience better.

Hmm, maybe we COULD use a DJ?