Sunday, January 23, 2011

Really, really cool new tool...

I'm excited about the new riveting and eyelet setting tool that we received from Crafted Finding this last week. The folks there have been trying to get me to try the tool for a while but honestly, the super-slick YouTube video makes it look too good to be true. 
Well, for the first time in a while maybe we CAN trust a YouTube video! 
This tool is, to quote our fabulous Chantal 'da bomb!' It sets rivets like nothing else and makes eyelets so perfect you can't tell which side was the good side. I made the five samples right here in about five minutes (yes, not my best design work but I was riveting anything that didn't move!) That red lucite flower? I widened the hole with the hole-punching side and then riveted it right in. The flower did not break. We've got the tool set up at the demo counter in the store right now and you can stop in and try it out. If you want to make a project with it join Sarah and everyone else on Thursday night for Technique Thursday. She created a necklace with a very sweet nickle-silver disk pendant with a flower riveted right in the center. Come make the project for just $8.

and that red leaf filigree and pink rosette filigree that you see on the pendant is just this and this sprayed with a bit of red or pink spray paint!