Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Felted Egg

I love this sweet felted-egg tutorial over on Twig and Toadstool. Those crafty mamas always have really sweet family crafts that use quality materials to produce lovely objects.

My children are always in major production mode. Whatever craft they are currently working on WILL result in many, many multiples of the project. Beaded hair clips? My older daughter made 34 in a week. Tote bags complete with pocket but sized for an 18" doll? They made about 20. Resin magnets in bottle caps? We sent 50 out as gifts this past year. Teeny weeny books are the current obsession; we have a library of 1" books fit for a miniscule Alexandria. 

I'm a big stickler for giving the kiddos sharp scissors, good colored pencils, decent beads and nice fabric scraps. Why? Well, good ingredients give you a good product. Yeah, you know that with your adult crafts, but have you ever wondered why we stick the kids with the scissors that don't cut, creativity-zapping foam stickers, tacky plastic beads and garish ribbon? Is it because we want them to make us awful-looking objects?

We have a foam-sticker-free studio at our house. My girls have a giant basket of wool roving (cost $25 max and the # of projects is incredible!) We'll be raiding that basket to make some wool eggs for family and friends. Perhaps that can distract them from the itsy-bitsy books.

See the Twig and Toadstool project here.