Wednesday, March 02, 2011


This is my friend, Crispina. She makes sweaters and rugs and amazing blankets. She is also having a sale in her etsy shop. Yeah, I know that spring, Spring, SPRING is coming but honey, it will be cold again in the fall. Or maybe on Friday. Her fab sweaters make me so happy when I wear them. We have one of her amazing potholder rugs that warms my toes every day when I get out of bed. 
Crispina has been doing the recycled/upcycled wool thing for ages. She's not some wet-behind-the-ears hippie chick. She kind of invented the whole thing. I'd call her the Grandmother of Sweater Reuse but she's not exactly a grandma.  
I met her in the early 90's in the cavernous Javit's Center in NYC. We were doing a trade show together and she was so beautifully intense and so honest about everything. Plus, she makes an amazing spaghetti sauce. 
Go check out her etsy shop and treat yourself.