Saturday, April 02, 2011

The show application mystery...

I recently taught another Crafting For Money class at Ornamentea and I had a great group of crafty folks. The class is always a mix of information from me and questions from my students. Sometimes the class has a better flow and we really can get into the business end of the business quite quickly.

One of the things that was a big topic that night (and in my student's follow-up emails) was Craft Shows. Which ones, how, when and where to apply, and what to bring took up a lot of our conversation that night.

I know why,

Applying to shows is like a mix of sorority rush and meeting your new in-laws. You never know what to wear and there is a good chance you'll think they are talking about your hairdo or your shoes as soon as you leave the room. Every artist feels this way but really, you shouldn't. At least, I think you shouldn't.

I decided to contact some friends who get to sit on craft show juries and ask their opinions. I chatted (via email!) with members of the Richmond Craft Mafia and Raleigh's Handmaidens. They generously shared their opinions about the three RIGHT things to do if you want to participate in the Craft Show Rodeo. They also generously shared some funny/odd/what the heck examples of things that have happened in their own shows.

Their stories boiled down to three basic points:

Choose the RIGHT show
Get your application RIGHT
Act RIGHT when you get there

These seem like three simple rules to follow but somehow, they don't always get followed. I'll be posting the details for each rule this week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Check back!