Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Give Your Stuff Away Day

Do you have too much crafty stuff of one kind or another? I know I do. I'm not thinking about beads and metal; I have a lot of those but I will use them. I am thinking about those Dream Supplies; the things I purchase that I dream I will use but somehow never actually do use. I am not a knitter, but somehow I find myself buying yarn. Lots of it. Last year I gave a bunch of it away to a friend who makes blankets for the Linus Project and it felt sooooo good to see it go off to a place where it would get used.

Here at Ornamentea we have a box in the staff break room that all the folks here put their Dream Supplies into and we each take things from it, too. This box allows us to share those supplies with folks we know will use them. Perhaps you have a friend you share supplies with, perhaps you just have a few big baskets of yarn waiting for someone to use them.

May 14th is National Give Your Stuff Away Day. It's a day to de-clutter, to clear out and, maybe, to get something really cool for free. Yeah, that might just be the BEST part!

If you have crafty materials of any kind that you want to give away you can bring them to Ornamentea for our first ever Craft Stuff Give Away. We'll have tents and tables set up in the parking lot from 10:00-1:00 and you can leave goodies on the tables and come get some goodies, too. We'll take all the supplies left at the end of the day and deliver them to the Scrap Exchange in Durham where we KNOW someone will love them.

Don't have anything to share? That's okay, come anyway and maybe you'll find just the right thing...

Come early if you can and we'll have some home-baked goodies and coffee on hand. You don't need to register and there are no fees to pay. Just clean out your craft room and join us.

I'll see you then!

*because of the nature of Give Your Stuff Away Day this isn't a swap or a flea market; please don't ask for money for your stuff