Thursday, June 30, 2011

I love these Rope Bracelets

I'm headed to the mountains in a few weeks on an annual trip with friends and, of course, we are busy planning for the event. It's a beautiful week of hanging out in the woods with adults and children playing and exploring and forgetting the regular world we inhabit every day. There will be hikes up the mountain and scooter races downhill. There will be swimming in the lake and campfire sing-alongs. We'll roast marshmallows, skin knees and look for snakes. We've been going to the same place for years and we revel in the discoveries that can only be made in a place that is just slightly familiar.

After all these years, the planning is minimal with the exception of one subject; Crafts. We talk a lot about what crafts we will bring. The adults range from creative professionals to darn-good-amateurs to all-thumbs. The children are generally an eager bunch who look forward to heading to the craft table in the afternoons. In the past we've made resin magnets, painted rocks, made books, tie-dyed clothes, needle-felted animals, folded origami, made tiny clothespin faeries, paper mache-d, wrapped hair and too many other crafts to completely list.

This year I am bringing felting supplies for a wet-felt-a-thon (maybe pouches felted around smooth rocks?) and possibly teeny terrarium necklace supplies, too. I was also planning on some leather for macrame bracelets like this. My friend Nancy found this rope bracelet project and honestly, I don't think I can wait for the trip to make one. I might try tonight! I've been wearing my usual summery stack of bracelets every day (I have this, and this, and this stacked with some stretchy bead-on-elastic ones today.)

Check out the tutorial over at Honestly WTF for a how-to that will help you make your own lovely stack of rope bracelets. They suggest trying it with leather and I think I am going to do just that.

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