Sunday, July 17, 2011

An inspiring new eMag

Okay, I have to admit I don't usually care much about eMags. I am an old-school magazine reader.

(OKAY, I am an old-school, blog-author-and-online-content-creator-magazine-reader!)

There is just something about print on actual paper that I really like. There is the whole portability issue; I can chuck a mag in my tote bag and pull it out wherever to read a few pages. There is the sharability issue; I can cut a page out and post in on the bulletin board at work for many to see. Yes, I know there is also the whole wasteful-use-of-finite-resources issue. And I know that digital is where it is at (or going to be at) in the publishing world. I'm just slow to adapt.

HOWEVER, that all said, there is a new eMag you should check out. The Everyday Bracelets issue from Interweave is AWESOME and I am not just saying that because Danielle Fox totally was inspired by a necklace of MINE to make a really fabulous bracelet that uses a sweet house bead by Jubilee Beads. OR because the issue is full of Elaine Ray's beads and bead caps. OR because there is a lovely project that features our Japanese Rayon Cording. Nope. I'm telling you that because this eMag has printable shopping lists.

On behalf of all bead-store staff everywhere, I want to say THANK YOU to the folks at Interweave for the shopping lists. Do you know how often we have to try to figure out what that 'round metal thingy that closes' is when an new beader comes in to make a project they saw somewhere? Do they mean jump ring? Clasp? Bracelet memory wire? We don't know. They don't know. Everyone is frustrated.

We want to help the new beaders, but we are as lost as they are sometime. Now if we could just figure out how to make folks USE the lists! ;-)

Thanks for the shopping lists, and the fab projects, Interweave!

Go download your copy here.