Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wall quotes how-to

via Lucky Kiona and I Am Momma Hear Me Roar...

this is a great quotes-for-the-wall how-to from I Am Momma... and I love the way her dad totally helps her frame the project, he's a top-notch assistant if you ask me!

The framing thing is a good idea.

I have about a thousand quotes I'd love to write on our walls but my hubby is a bit resistant to the writing on the walls (and he does LIVE in the house!) Actually, the bathroom has lots of 1920's sappy love poems and just-might-be-suggestive lyrics from songs written all over the walls. In that case I handed him a book of poems and asked him to read them to me. After a few lines I just got out the carbon pencil and started writing. What could he say?

The bathroom decor predates the children. They like the poems (references to roses and angels,etc.) and totally miss the metaphors.

I love small children.