Monday, August 08, 2011

Put a bird on it...

This ring designed by Susan Reynolds features a bird bead by Lori Flanders of LORiOLA glass. Her birds are one of our most popular beads in the store and they are consistently requested by our customers.

This makes me wonder - what is it about birds? Why do we love them SO much?  It's hard to click more than a page or two on etsy without seeing a bird-emblazoned tote or necklace. I have seen the Portlandia video. At least eight years ago I said 'wonder when this bird trend will end?'  out loud.

And still it persists. Ask any art bead maker who makes birds and they will tell you their birds are REALLY popular. Ask any tee-shirt maker and they'll say the same. Heck, ask anyone who is really into their back yard chicken flock* and they will tell you that birds are really cool/hot/awesome.

Why do we really like birds?

If you love this ring you can take the class this week. Get the details here.
If you just love the bead, stop by the store for a great selection or see a limited color range here.

*I don't know anyone who would keep chickens in their back yard.