Saturday, October 22, 2011

Charcoal Casting...something I want to learn

I think one of the big myths about owning a bead store-or a yarn store, or any supply store- is that you just sit around all day and play with your merchandise.

Wow, I wish.

I do get to play with the beads and metal and ribbon and wire BUT it's generally in the service of creating new classes and demos and projects and articles. I rarely just play with some technique or material unless it can serve one of those ends. I rarely sit in the classroom as a student.

But I want to. I just don't make the time because it seems so self-indulgent. Work, projects, that kind of thing I can DO but just to make something for the fun of it? Somehow I extol the virtue of creative indulgence all day long but rarely permit it for myself. I'm like some tea-totalling bar tender dispensing doubles on the rocks while sipping a plain ole water. Well, except the bartender probably wouldn't whine to you, right?

No fair, Cynthia! I think I should make it my job to 'audit' a class now and then to make sure things are being taught the 'right' way. Hey, that just might work!

If I can make myself behave I'll be in this class soon. I really want to turn some silver scrap into a carvy, sculptural pendant.

Charcoal Casting, Tuesday, October 25th at 5;30.
Taught by talented metalsmith Sarah Tector.
Get the class details here.