Saturday, November 19, 2011

$20 on the 20th!

Did you know that the dollars you spend with a local merchant are magnified in your community?
Of course you did! Purchases made with a local business create more jobs for the community, add to the local tax base and keep Raleigh unique.

One way to make sure you don't forget to patronize your favorite local merchants is to add '$20 on the 20th' to your calendar. This will remind you to make some of your purchases at locally owned businesses every month.

This month I am thinking about the holidays and entertaining. I am going to head to the Corner Store at Marbles Kid's Museum for these fun chopsticks. I don't know what we are serving for meals but I think adding these to the table setting will be sure to keep diners of all ages laughing and engaged. The Corner Store is a great place to get kiddo-oriented birthday gifts all year round, by the way!

For more information about the $20 on the 20th program and the Shop Local Raleigh campaign visit this site. You'd be amazed the impact your purchases make on your local community!