Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fabric Scrap Necklaces

I've been having a nice stretch of time home with my girls. I've been in the store a bit this week but we had some computer problems that caused my husband (and business partner, and reluctant Tech Guy) to have to work A LOT.

I tried not too act TOO overjoyed when he had to rush in to work while I lazed around with my daughters, making more hot cocoa and deciding what we'd do to occupy ourselves.

See, that's the way it works in our family-we trade off. When he's at work, I'm probably with the girls (unless they are someplace else) and when I'm at work, he's probably with the girls (unless they are someplace else.) Sometimes we are both at work, but not often. There is school and playdates and Grandma, you know, but there are also teacher workdays, and summer break, and holiday break. His emergency need to be at work meant that I had to stay home as we would usually switch off days over a school break.

Which makes me happy. Yes, I love my job but you beady people will be here for a long time. These two girls won't always be nine and five-and-a-half and they won't always want to hang out with Mom for a long, late-December day.

What do we do at home? Well, we make stuff, of course. These fabric necklaces (picture above from Moomah) are on the list for this week. My older daughter wants to incorporate the sewing machine into hers. My younger daughter wants to use bells instead of beads. Me? I'm thinking waxed linen is just perfect for the stringing material.

Get the full instructions from Moomah right here.