Sunday, December 04, 2011

Local Greetings...

I've been a bad card-mailer for the last bit. I used to just buy cards when I saw them and mail them to the recipient. 
Not their birthday? 
No problem, I sent the card anyway. 
I am not organized enough to buy a card in February and mail it in July. 
But for the last year or so I haven't really seen cards I liked. 

The funny, jokey cards all seemed like something I have seen about a thousand times already. The pat images of a lovely Rue in Paris left me a bit cold. I felt like I was wasting a stamp.

Recently I was lucky enough to see some locally-made cards that really got me excited. The collage of images above is from cards by Raleigh-based (and Virginia-born) Julie Williams Dixon. The images really inspired me to stick a stamp on the envelope and send them off to friends and family. I'm happy to look at our card spinner now, to see the fresh vision from friendly eyes.

That Santa-next-to-a-camper is going to hit at least a few mailboxes from my address book this year.

And, in the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that Julie is a friend of mine for the last decade and a half. I knew she took pictures and had even admired them on her walls. Imagine my surprise when she said 'hey, I made some cards, will you look at them?' I was smitten.

So, she made some cards. Come look at them.