Monday, February 13, 2012

Charming Inspiration - Lucky Charm Swap

Our charm swap due date is coming up fast. Because you have an extra day this year (it's a Leap Year, so there is an extra day in February, get it?) I know you are really working on an amazing swap. You probably don't even need any inspiration, do you?

Well, just in case:

Amber Dawn's amazing blog with the sweetest, teeniest charms (and she just might be joining our swap!)

Just Simply Charming a blog by the authors of A Charming Exchange (great book!) with 1,000s of ideas

the Art Charms Yahoo Group where you can see and post a 1,000,000 pictures of charms

the Salvage Studio blog with loads of great, found-object charm ideas (and I love, love, love that fork charm hanger necklace idea!)

The Graphics Fairy with amazing, copyright-free images for you to use on your artwork...

Now, some of these blogs and sites were set up for specific swaps or books or events, meaning that the most recent post may be a bit old. Don't let that deter you. There are still lots of great ideas on these away!