Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Get 'em while you can...

We are working on some upgrades to our website that will allow us to be more flexible in the way we show you our fabulous ingredients. It's in a very tedious, putting-all-the-ducks-in-a-row stage right now but we know it's going to turn out to be a fab thing.

As part of the upgrades, we are cleaning out the Tutorials and Projects attic. There are some great projects in there that we'll be archiving soon. If the project uses an item we no longer sell, or it is one that has not been downloaded frequently, we will be archiving that project. You can still get them now, and print them out or save the PDF on your hard drive, but that time is running out.
Sunny Day Dog Bone Bracelet
Curved Pin Link Bracelet
A Frayed Heart Fiber Necklace
Last Flight To Paris Necklace
Rainbow Joy Necklace
C'est La Vie Necklace
Octopus' Garden Necklace 
Bird On a Nest Necklace
Four Quick and Easy Earring Ideas(no PDF, shopping list and photos only)
Four Bird Earring Ideas(no PDF, shopping list and photos only)
Fantastic Elaine Ray Earring Ideas(no PDF, shopping list and photos only)
Filigree Earring Ideas(no PDF, shopping list and photos only)

These, and a few others, will be removed soon. If you want them, please download the PDF today.

Now I have to go finish cleaning out the attic.



  1. I don;t see any instructions or PDF download options. All I see is the picture and the list of ingredients...

  2. .. on the earrings, anyhow.. the necklaces have the instructions..

  3. That's actually why those earring ideas are coming off the tutorials page-no instructions OR because the parts aren't all available any more. We used to publish really simple earrings without instructions but now we write them up, anyway. Going forward even the simplest project will have a how-to.

  4. And, Skye, I just edited the link to make it clearer! Thank you!

  5. beautiful earrings, i think many girls may like them


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