Sunday, April 29, 2012

Organized for the summer...

I'm already thinking about our summer plans here. I'll be in the garden, of course, and there will be hours at the library (the BEST a/c,) movies, long afternoons at the art museum. There will also be a bit of travel, to and fro, for errands and trips to visit friends. There may be unexpected long car rides, and times when quiet stillness is called for. My two girls are mostly self-sufficient when asked to wait; one pulls out a book to read, the other a pad of paper to draw on. Still...sometimes the wait can drag on too long and the book gets finished, the drawing looses its appeal. I love this idea from the Lark Crafts blog. It's a shopping list organizer, but I think that with a bit of tweaking this could easily be a great little organizer for a small writing pad, a few colored pencils, some crosswords or mazes or word searches. Slips of paper with writing prompts could be tucked in that pocket, or a few photos or a sheet of stickers.

A thing like this, properly stocked, could result in a few extra minutes of quiet waiting time and making these books would give me a bit of joy.

Read the full directions here. If I manage to make a few I'll post pictures. If you make one (either tweaked or the original version) please send me pictures to share.