Monday, October 08, 2012

Handmade Holiday Party Wrap-Up

The Handmade Holiday party last Friday was a lot of fun. We had a free project in the classroom. That's Jarin, one of our newest staff members teaching 12 people at one time. We believe in throwing you in the pond so you can learn how to swim! I'm just kidding, Jarin is an experienced crafty-gal and she had those ladies crimping link pros in just minutes.
This is the poster from the folks at Fiction Kitchen. They did our fab catering and can I tell you how wonderful the savory scones were? Wonderful. The pepper jelly? Just right. The pumpkin butter? Well, I could have drunk the entire glass full! Seriously, Caroline and Siobhan can COOK and we were so happy to have them there for our party. We collected donations for their kickstarter. They are opening a vegetarian restaurant in Raleigh very soon. You can visit their page here and learn more.
We always have prizes for customers who come in holiday-themed dress. This is one person who was not afraid to let her Christmas-spirit glow! 
Here are some folks quizzing Caroline about the Fiction Kitchen plans. Those ladies would have made dinner reservations if they could.
What does our staff do when the customers go home after a successful night? We drink at the counter, of course! Here are Brenda, Janet and Sara modeling our new store tee-shirts. The shirts were designed and printed by Kelly Smith-Tilley of Tiny Peepers just for us. So far, Kelly has only printed up a staff version, but she's working on one for us to sell. Watch this space for an announcement about how you can get your own Ornamentea shirt. 

What didn't you see in these photos? The incredible sale items (50% off lots of great stuff!), the beautiful trunk show by Elaine Ray with lovely, one-of-a-kind beads, ME (I was eating delish scones and talking Elaine into making me more red beads!)  

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