Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mis-matched earring swap!

Elaine Ray, magical bead maker, participated in a Mis-matched Earring Swap organized by Diana of Suburban Girl Studios. This swap sounded pretty exciting to me, but this time of year I can't take on any more 'extra-curricular' activities. I abstained.

I was actually pretty surprised that Elaine DID the swap. Read her blog post to find out why I was so surprised. 

Kudos to Diana for organizing the swap. I know, first hand, how MUCH work goes into planning and executing a swap. It can seem kinda thankless when you are the organizer, up to your eyeballs in charms or earrings or bead mixes. It can seem overwhelming. Diana did a fab job on this swap, however. I especially love the theme. Mis-matched earrings are super-trendy right now (yes, again!) as you can see right here on this website among others. We have super-hip 20 year olds making them at our work table every week.

What do you think about mis-matched earrrings? Are they for you? Is this a trend you'll wear or ignore?