Monday, November 05, 2012

Shop Local, Shop Small

Where will you spend your dollars this holiday season? Think about patronizing a small business as a way to give TWO gifts. One is the gift you purchase. The money goes to the crafter or small business owner, who in turn spends it with another small business (accountant, landlord, their employees) in ways that directly improve and affect your town, your state, your country. They pay local/state and U.S. taxes. They are much more likely to provide better wages and benefits. They are your neighbors. Read a few more reasons here.

Local craft and art shows are also a good way to support your neighbors. Here in Raleigh we have the Handmade Market (see that link in the sidebar) coming up this weekend. The show is put on by the Handmaidens, a Raleigh-based craft collective that has been working together for years. Those ladies put Raleigh on the indie craft map and have created a show that is so well-run and profitable for the vendors that the list of applicants is bigger each year.

The show is also fun to shop.

The Handmaidens work really hard to jury the applications so that the show feels like a very hip boutique. There are no crocheted toilet paper holders or guys selling fake handmade imports, just items you really, really like.

I'll be telling you about other handmade options throughout the next two months. If you have a show you'd like to see me mention, or more reasons to buy local and buy small, please leave them in the comments here on the blog.