Monday, December 03, 2012

Wrap it up: Self-Gifting and Crafters

According to all the analysts and social scientists, we are awash in a huge flurry of Self-Gifting. This is the trend of purchasing a gift for yourself while you are purchasing gifts for all those other folks on your list. There are many reasons that this is so popular; my main guess is that when you spend so much time shopping for others you are bound to see something you want. There is also the idea that many people may postpone purchases (in general) until the end of the year, and then there are all the sales, and the stacks and stacks of new items released at that time of year. There's also that cheery holiday music that just makes you want new shoes, somehow.

But I'm kidding. I really don't know WHAT makes many folks toss the budget out the window during the 12th month of the year and decide that they can have a few new sweaters and a camera and oh, yeah, I'll get a tie for Dad, too.  

Do you self-gift? Is there a specialty hammer just for you next to the felting kits you are buying for your nieces? Or are you full of self-control, only purchasing what you need to make gifts for others? I think that if you are making gift after gift for others you are still treating yourself. After all, those bits of jewelry will be passed on to the girls on your list, but the experience is all yours. No sharing. Kinda nice, huh?

So, what about you? Do you craft for others because YOU like what you make or because THEY like what you make? Will you add a few items to your holiday gift list for yourself, or do you think that is selfish?