Monday, February 18, 2013

Put a word on it...stamping things

This stamped spoon idea was spotted recently on the Free People blog...I like the idea of stamping a tiny message on an implement. How about 'we're expecting' or 'will you marry me' or even 'I got the job.'

At some houses it might be a good idea to write 'chew with your mouth closed' or 'use your napkin.'

What about 'do you really need to have a second cup of coffee?'

If you want to make stamped ANYTHING, including some charms for our charm swap, check out this video of stamping tips. Those gals from Free People could have used the tips, they stamped their spoons on the sidewalk outside their building! I bet the backs of the spoons and the charms were just a bit wonky, don't you?

Stamping a curved item like a spoon IS tough. I suggest you work up from a flat disc or cab setting to make sure you have the hang of it. Also, you can tape your charm or disc down to the bench block (not the sidewalk!) to keep it steady.

For stamping supplies, including some really neat stamps, check out our tools page.

If you really DO want to stamp on spoons, try Sarah Tector's Family Heirlooms class on March 12th.