Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day? Meh.

Really, I like the red and the pink and the chocolate and the being nice.

I like love.

I like hearts. And treats. And chocolates.

Wait, I said that chocolates part twice.

But still. I do like the whole idea of being nice, and sweet, and giving little gifts (sursees*, if you are in the South) for not much of a reason at all...

It's just the forced nature of V-Day. The give-me-roses-or-else nature of the whole Hallmark card shop circus that the holiday is. I've been married for 24 years and every morning my husband makes me coffee. That seems more real than a card or red roses, tied up in a bow. He feeds my chickens when the weather is nasty. Really. THAT'S love.

So I'm skipping the expected expectations for this holiday.

The parts of the holiday I like, the colors and the gifts-to-friends, I'm embracing those. I'm sending cards (handmade and kinda amateurish, if you must know!) I'm giving chocolates. I made some jewelry for friends I thought would like it. I tied all of those things up in red and pink bows and I'm giving them out on Thursday.

Happy Valentine's Day.

*check it out, sursee, or sursey, or circe


  1. I couldn't agree more! My hubby and I celebrate the anniversary of our first date instead of Valentine's Day - Dez. :)

  2. I love Valentine's day. BUT...I don't take it too seriously. I make it a fun day. If you're not expecting something fabulous then you won't be disappointed. Hubby and I just do goofy gifts and don't make it a big production. I do give the kids candy and money and I just enjoy a hug back from them no expecting gifts in return. Have fun!


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