Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wait List Trauma

Did you ever have a bad break up? You know, the kind where the relationship isn't going anywhere and you decide, or maybe you both decide, to end it. It's cool, it's mutual. Then, all of a sudden you find your best shoes in the toilet, you car window covered in paint and every single mix tape you EVER made for that person on your front step, smashed?

Me neither.

But, here in bead land we ARE breaking up with our current web site 'shopping cart' system. This means we are changing over to the new cart (hopefully, you won't be able to tell AT ALL) and the old cart, well, he's really not taking it well. Or she. Maybe it's a she.

We aren't sure. We always assumed the shopping cart was femme, but the last-minute, I-hate-you-I-love-you-why-are-you-leaving-me drama is TOTALLY dude.

At this point, our super-helpful Waiting List is GONE. It does not work. AT ALL. We couldn't even remove it from the site until the very helpful Caitlin (our graphic designer) did some HTMLKICKBUTT to the site. Now you just can't see it and we just can't access it.

Totally fine. We don't mind. Really. We think the old shopping cart is nice. It's us, really.

We are still breaking up. Psycho.

(Corporate Responsibility Translation: We are sorry to report that our Wait List function is currently not available. At this time we cannot add your name to a wait list for this item. Inventory displayed on this site may not represent current available inventory. Please call our store for additional information regarding the item you are interested in. Thank you for visiting Ornamentea.com.)