Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's Teacher Gift Time

Do you have children who have teachers? If so, you know that spring means Teacher Gifts. Now, before you rush off to Rite Aid and get a teddy bear holding a coffee cup filled with stale caramels that says 'I luv my teacher', please reconsider. This person taught your child. They were there on the days you kinda-mighta-sorta thought that your child was a bit sick but sent them to school anyway. They were there when your child was bitten by the classroom lizard. They were there when your child peed their pants during the presentation of the 'what I learned about paramecium' unit. They have been thrown up on, ignored, adored and laughed with all year.*

They deserve better. Heck, they deserve the best.

I have written about this before, but honestly, it's a good topic to revisit.

Give those teachers really nice handmade gifts. It doesn't have to be a hand-knit cashmere sweater. It doesn't have to cost a lot. It should say 'hey, I noticed you all year and appreciate what you do.' This year, I'm in favor of the casual bracelet. Everyone is wearing them right now and teachers do tend to be pretty casual most days. Plus, bracelets are a great summer accessory so they can wear them NOW.

Here are some suggestions from our Tutorials Page, you can click the picture for the instructions.

That first one is a bit more classic, the second one can be customized with a special charm that is perfect for the specific teacher. That last one is a larger-scale and can be for a guy. Actually, the light blue one on the bottom WILL be for my husband on Father's Day. Don't worry, he never reads the blog.

Are you too busy to make a gift? No, no you are not. You don't want to have to bring the lizard home for the summer, do you?

*Note: my daughters would want me to tell you that these things did NOT happen to them. They are made up examples. Fictional, as the girls would say!