Monday, July 01, 2013

Fourth Of July Food Truck Rodeo

We are closed each year on the 4th. It's usually blazing hot here in Raleigh and everyone is focused on food and fireworks, not crafty goodies. Plus, I like to spend that day with friends and family, celebrating our political system by arguing about discussing politics and eating frozen treats. It's very American. 

The Raleigh fireworks have, for years, been out at the fairgrounds. This last year they were moved downtown. This excited some folks (me) and distressed others. After the works were set off a bit too low for anyone to see, there was a bit of a brew-ha-ha over the whole thing and many, many folks groused and complained. This year, the City of Raleigh promises us that the works will be MUCH higher. They have said that the second show of sparkly pretties will be visible from Glenwood Avenue, among other locations. 

We've donated 300 sparkly pinwheels to the Raleigh Convention Center to give out, for free, at their tables along Fayetteville Street. Get one if you can, they are a nice, quiet, way to celebrate the day. 

Our store will be closed on Thursday and we are turning the parking lot over to some of our favorite food trucks. They'll have a mini Food Truck Rodeo right here at Ornamentea. You can come here from 7-11 pm and listen to music from DJ Rob and have a great dinner. They tell me that there will be a children's coloring tent and even tables and chairs for the adults!

Trucks joining the fun include:
Sweet Stacey Cakes
Captain Ponchos Tacos
Sarges Chef on Wheels
Virgil's Jamaican 
Sunset Slush of North Raleigh

Of course, you can just watch the fireworks from here if you want. You can also stop here for a bite and then head downtown on foot or on the R-Line.

I'll see you there! Happy Fourth!

*That image above is from this N&O story. It shows LAST YEARS fireworks, too low to see unless you were super, duper close.