Friday, August 09, 2013

Animals Can Party and Exhibit

UPDATE- this event has been cancelled. The volunteers who were bringing pet food cans are not able to make it. I'm sorry for the VERY late notice, we were just informed!

Please call the store if you have questions.

The kind folks at Second Chance Animal Adoption are holding an exhibit and sale of pet-food can art in September. This event will raise funds to provide food and adoption services to hundreds of homeless pets.

We're hosting a 'prep-party' where you can view can art and learn tricks for turning your own cans into art on Saturday, August 17th, from 2-6 pm. The party is free, and we will have tools available to use. You'll leave with some new techniques and may be inspired to enter the show yourself! 

The idea for this exhibit and the events came from artist and animal lover, Martha Walton. With multiple pets eating canned food, she had a full recycling bin every week.  Dutiful recycling of cat-food can after cat-food can didn't seem like enough. She thought about 'upcycling' them.

With a few snips and bends, Martha figured out how to turn empty cans into intricate frames, sculptures and decorations. She's even making me a fancy floral corsage! 

"Every time I opened a cat food can I noticed that without the top, it looked like a frame - a picture frame” she said, “and with millions of pet food cans being tossed out, knew if some form of art could come of them that would be a really good thing.” Martha created the “Animals Can” organization and solicited other artists to help. Together they have created whimsical mirrors, frames, ornaments, decorative wall art and more – all out of used pet-food cans.

These whimsical works of “can-art” will be on view Sept. 13 and 14 at an art show and sale benefitting Second Chance Pet Adoptions from 5-9 each night at Second Chance’s headquarters at 6003 Chapel Hill Road in Raleigh. On Sept. 15th you can join us at Pop-Up Sunday and make a pet-food can treasure box and donate to support Second Chance. 

Please join us at the prep party on August 17th!
I can't wait to see what beadfreaks do with Martha's techniques for transforming cans into art. 

Learn more about Animals Can  

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