Monday, September 30, 2013

Win some studio organization help-

Is your studio perfect? Does it have sweet little touches like this? Mine has some sweet touches, but it also has those yucky plastic bins with lids, way, WAAAYY too many supplies and a lack of great lighting. I've been dreaming of a big, day-long studio clean-out and tidy for a long time.

So far, it hasn't happened.

If you want a bit of help getting your studio organized, come to our Handmade Holiday party on Friday night. We'll have a drawing from Raleigh's Green Gables; Organize Your Life. You could win a 3 hour studio organization. This is a $225 value. Actually, when I think of how nice it would be to have my studio organized I think it might be priceless.

that picture was nicked from this blog, one of my favorites-go follow her now!

more Handmade Holiday party info can be found here

(yes, you must come to the party to enter the drawing, we'll draw at around 8:30, you don't need to be present to win!)