Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Forced Crafting - Making your family craft when they least expect it

Ahh, that dinner was AMAZING!
I love your pie!
Thank you so much for cooking for us!

and after that, they scatter like marbles on a tile floor, don't they? Some might head to a movie, some go watch a game, maybe a few take a walk with the dog. Your aunt and her new boyfriend head to the porch to drink the rest of the wine and your teenager disappears into their bedroom to do whatever it is they do.


If you want to continue the fun of having everyone together for just a bit more, try making everyone craft after dinner.

No, I am not joking. I wasn't joking last year, either. I think that Thanksgiving Day is the perfect time to force everyone in your family (okay, as many as you can) to make something together. Yes, you know the joy of making things, but that new boyfriend? The last thing he made was a spread sheet. Your cousin? She only makes dinner reservations and annoying comments.

They need to make a CRAFT.

You are the person to show them how.

This Thanksgiving, make a craft with the family. It needs to be easy enough for everyone to do but have enough WOW factor that they'll all say 'that's pretty cool!' when they finish. I'm here to help.

Read my suggestions from previous years here.

Watch this space, my Forced Crafting Pinterest Page and our Ornamentea facebook page for more ideas all week.