Saturday, May 24, 2014

Waxed Linen Blog Hop Project - The Tordu Linen Bracelet

I was so excited to join in the Waxed Linen Blog Hop. I'm addicted to using linen in my designs. It just adds the right pop of color and I'm always amazed how it works with so many other types of materials. This bracelet is made with our #20 ball chain. That's big. The teeny strands of linen seem too fine to stand up to the chain, until they are wrapped and twisted around. Suddenly, they are colorful and substantial. 

This project also includes directions for making a little linen tassel. I LOVE tassels...and I love making little ones, too. I can use just about anything to make a tassel on-I've used a ruler, a scrap of cardboard, even my phone! In this case, I used a handy Sharpie marker. 

One note about this bracelet-the wrapping can make the chain a little stiff at first. After wearing it for an hour, the stiffness goes away.

I hope you enjoy my project tutorial-the full instructions, including a printable how-to, can be found here. If you are a pinner (I am!) there's a pinnable image at the bottom of this post, just for you!

I'm going to be giving away a kit to make one of my bracelets - in the color shown above - to one winner randomly selected from the commenters on this blog post. Yes, I'll ship it to you anywhere in the world! And that REALLY BIG ball chain I used in the project is 40% off this weekend only...check it out right here. 

UPDATE: Susan won the kit! We use to pick the winner. We count the number of commentators, discarding any anonymous commentators (as they can't win!) We then plug the numbers into their random number generator. Susan's number popped up! Thanks for playing. 

The other hoppers are listed below. Please visit them and check out their projects. I'm going to be doing that all weekend. 

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