Tuesday, June 03, 2014

good morning-

We are enjoying a remarkably cool spring here in North Carolina. The weather has been pleasant, the mornings have even required a nice cotton cardigan. The temperature can't fool the calendar though; the school year is winding down and full summer is approaching. 

Our work table has been filled lately with people creating gifts for teachers and friends. This is a time of transitions and good-byes, and passing along a bit of a gift can ease the separation or mark the passage. In this past week, I helped a mom make a necklace for the kindergarten teacher who took special care with her son. She knotted some stone beads into a simple strand that will be worn for years. I also helped a young woman make a bracelet for the little girl she's been babysitting. The college-bound sitter was recognizing that she'll miss the child as much as she is missed by the child, and the bracelet contained charms that will be meaningful to both. It's a lucky joy of my job, this helping with works of the heart.
Right now, I'm working on my own teacher gifts. My girls will make an item or two, but I always want to add a bit more to the package. I've got an idea or two already, and all this week I'll be sharing pics and stories about handmade gifts I love on our store Instagram account. 
We do still have some bead bundles and beads left over from the final Elaine Ray trunk show. The bundles are discounted bead groupings put together by me, personally. They are inspirational mixes of Elaine's shapes and glazes. I'll post some pictures of the ones we still have available on our facebook page and below in this newsletter. Call the store to purchase a bundle if you are interested; they are one of a kind and can't be re-made.  

I'm off to make coffee. Have a wonderful, crafty day-

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