Saturday, June 07, 2014

I'm holding the RDU Baton on Monday, June 9th

Do you know about the RDU Baton? This is a shared Instagram account that passes, daily, from person to person around the Triangle. The photos highlight different places and spaces in the area, and the person holding the baton each day writes a bit about their experience of living in the Triangle. This is one of my FAVORITE Instagram accounts to follow. Each day I seen something new, or see something in a new way. Each person has their own special take on the triangle; there have been runners, and dog-walkers, architects and real estate agents, school-teachers, craft beer nerds and tech workers. So far, I haven't seen a crafty day on the RDU Baton, so that's what I'm planning.

I'm so excited to say I will be holding the RDU Baton next Monday. I already have a list of some amazing crafty places I want to show off, but I'd love it if you have some more to suggest. Please leave your favorite crafty places in the comments below...maybe I'll be able visit them on Monday and photograph them for the RDU Baton!

You can visit the RDU Baton site here and be sure to follow both @rdubaton and @ornamentea (that's me!) on Instagram.