Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Newsletter note - Try It Tuesday and a Flash Sale on Sterling

good morning-

Whew. I had a late night. I came home to my sweet puppy, sleeping in the entryway and wondering where I had been. She looks at me with the most suspicious eyes when I arrive later than she thinks I should. I swear, she imagines I'm out walking around some other dog! 

I promise, I was at work!

Why was I at work so late? Today, we are having a flash sale on some of our sterling and gold-filled charms, beads, Bali, cones and more. I was at the shop WAY too late marking things down 50-60% off. I wanted them to all be ready for you and anyone else who comes in for Try-It Tuesday. There are some really great deals there that I know you'll love. I promise we'll make a giant pot of coffee (I know I'll need it!) so don't forget to ask for a cup!

This Sunday, we'll welcome our July Pop-Up crowd. We have an incredible group of vendors, a great beer (Lonerider!) and one of our favorite charities, Habitat for Humanity's ReStore. We'll have Stufd (the baked potato truck!), Belle, Jay's Italian Ice and Chick-n-que to keep you well-fed. Come see us on Sunday to shop the vintage vendors and see the reuse projects Habitat will be showing off. I can't wait. Learn more about the vendors and the event here on the Pop-Up page. 

If you are joining us on Friday, don't forget you can grab lunch in our parking lot. The guys at All-American Food Truck are bringing their truck to see us from 11-2 on Friday. Learn more about them here. 

I'll post pics of our newest items all week...check out the photos below and follow me on Instagram if you can. I promise I won't post too many pictures of my cute dog. 

Come make something great-

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