Friday, August 01, 2014

Cleaning out the closet...

We LOVE this bracelet featured on this week. The printer-cables are colorful and cheery, and we love the idea of putting those old printer parts to work, making you look good. See the full post on right here. 

Since we have a little broken-down technology hoarding problem in our house* we know there HAS to be a printer that isn't working in the closet. That closet is super-packed with items my husband knows he can get working again, or things he's saving for 'parts.' I think this bracelet qualifies as 'parts,' don't you?

This would be an  easy project to make. You just need:

end bars (find them HERE)

jump rings (find them HERE)
and a clasp (find them HERE)

oh, and you'll need a broken-down printer...but maybe you can find one in that closet?

*when I say 'we' have a technology-hoarding issue, I know you know that I mean that my fabulous hubby has a technology hoarding issue. I collect beads, craft supplies, vintage dishes and textiles. That's not hoarding...