Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

happy Thanksgiving-

I hope you are enjoying this day of gratitude. I'm at home, in comfy yoga pants, laughing at my father-in-law's corny jokes and coaching my 8 year old through cooking her second-ever chocolate chess pie. Later, I'll phone distant family and think about how much I miss them. I've already called my mom with at least five cooking questions.
Ahh...Thanksgiving. It might be my favorite holiday.
I love the food, of course, and the time with family. I love the cozy day in the kitchen, and my messy, leaf-filled back yard. I'm also full of gratitude about all the little things; those yoga pants, a family I love, the luxury of recipes and worries over which serving dish is right for the green beans. It feels so amazing, to have this bounty of love for a day, and a life.
I'm also thankful for having this work I love. Our store, Ornamentea, is fifteen this year and this has been an incredible ride. Owning a crafty store is NOT all about making pretty jewelry and sorting the beads by color. I've had to get a business education the hard way, and I've made a million mistakes. I've also made some amazing friends - both coworkers and customers - and can't imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't opened the shop all those years ago. Because you are reading this, I am thankful for you; your support and encouragement as we've bumped and giggled along our path have been essential.
We are closed today, our staff are all home. In my mind's eye I can see Sadie serving her first-ever turkey, and Sarah taking time away from her jeweler's bench to eat a dinner with her loving parents, and Janet tucked around the table with all her boys and a surprise guest. I am so thankful for the work of all the Ornamenteans, their creativity and joy.
We'll be back at the shop tomorrow, and through this weekend. We have a mix of classes that you might enjoy taking with out of town guests and family. Ages for these classes start as low as 5, so we're hoping you'll celebrate what we like to call Craftsgiving by bringing a friend or family member to share in the joy of making. As a thank you to you, I've put a coupon code on all these classes. Just type THANKFUL
into the registration page and you'll save from $5-20 depending on the class. See the links below for details. 
Thank you for patronizing our family business-
P.S. We ARE participating in Small Business Saturday. If you shop with us - in store or on line - on Saturday, you could receive a $10 statement credit from American Express. You'll need to register your card...check it out here. 
Money back means FREE BEADS. 

Weekend Sale Items 
  • all Cavalini notebooks, washi tape, gift wrap packs and rubber stamps are 30% -40% off
  • all beading screens and screen rings are 50% off (this is a clearance, if you love these items, now is your chance!)
  • Swarovski crystal strands and bagged crystals are 50% off
View many of our sale items on our site SALE page.
Select items are not available on the site, stop in or phone us for details.