Tuesday, December 02, 2014

December 2nd, Newsletter message

good morning- 

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving - whether it was quiet and contemplative or loud and boisterous. I did. Mine was the proper mix of family, silliness, delicious food and new puppy. Also, we had pie and I got to take a long walk. It set me up for this busy, busy month. 

We are having some wonderful Try It Tuesday's this month. Our first one, the Decopatched Gift Box, is a great way to create keepsake gift boxes that can be used and reused each year for holiday wrapping. This technique can also be perfect for making storage and organization boxes for your home or studio. Stop in anytime today to create your own box for just $3 each. Check out the pictures of our next four Try-Its down below see how great they are.  

I hate to rush the season, but if you are expecting a special order gift from Eurotool this year, you may want to tell Santa to put a rush on it. We'll be stocking up on all the usual favorites for gift-giving, but I know you are asking Santa for a left-handed smoke bender, or maybe a metric rawhide hammer cozy. Those have to be special ordered. Remind Santa that expedited shipping costs extra, and tools are heavy, so he or she might just want to stop in fairly soon to tell us what to add to our next regular order. Remember, any Eurotool item you purchase from us, and pick up in the store, doesn't come with extra shipping charges. If you think your Santa needs a detailed hint, just email me your tool list and the contact info. I promise we'll pass the word on!

Are you spending lots of time on Pinterest, dreaming about recycle and reuse crafts? One of our favorite local artists, Meredith Cantrell, is starting a series you'll love. Her Craftcycle Parties begin on December 12th with a fun New Year's project I can't wait to try. Meredith has done all the dirty work and gotten the supplies prepped for us. All we have to do is show up (with our favorite beverage if we are so inclined!) and craft. The project is a fun, New Year's inspired sign that I'll use year-round for special days. The paint and glitter mess will stay here at the shop. These Craftcycle Parties will be monthly, don't miss the first one. Read more about the Craftcycle Party right here.

If you are stuck on a project and need some advice, I'll be here this Friday night until about 8:00 pm. We'll have the First Friday project going on in the classroom, but I'll be available to help you get the details worked out on that project that's been vexing you. 

I'll see you soon-

P.S. Our Round Up charity, this month and through until April of next year, is Interact. Since today is unofficially Giving Tuesday, go check out their website to see what great work they do. If you don't know what a Round Up charity is, you might need a beadfreak card!