Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Newsletter: panic mode! only 9 days left!

Are you in panic mode? I am. What is it about the end of the year that makes me feel this way? I'm not only trying to get gifts made and wrapped, I'm also trying to get my closet cleaned out and go through a giant pile of paperwork on my desk. Why? Those un-opened junk mail envelopes and half-read magazines will still be there in a month. 

Somehow, at the end of the year I feel like I want to finish all my tasks. I like the idea of waking up, on New Year's Day, with a clean slate for the new year. That is an unobtainable goal, I know. The urge is strong, though. 

With that in mind, I'm going to be doing some giveaways on the blog this week and next. Look for a copy of a magazine, two books, a kit and more. You can help me clean off my desk by entering all these contests, on the blog and on our instagram and facebook pages.

As the year ends we are also preparing to bid good-bye to a long-term Ornamentea staff member. Ndidi Kowalczyk has been an integral part of Ornamentea for over a dozen years. She's seen us go from the tiny store on Glenwood and a few strands of beads to a rainbow of sparkle, classes, events and fun. Ndidi is a talented artist and a generous teacher. She is leaving us to devote herself, full-time, to her enameling and metalsmithing work. I will miss her skills, her wisdom, her humor and her support, but I am also so very excited to see what comes out of her creative hands. While she might prefer a more discrete exit, I am letting you know so that you can stop in and say a final hello to her on our sales floor. If you want to make sure you keep up with her artistic work, be sure to follow her facebook page at hothouse posey.

I'll see you soon-