Thursday, January 29, 2015

Crafting Tips for the Big Game

Whether you are a football fan or just in it for the commercials, you might be planning on spending some time in front of the television this weekend. 

I get it. Even though I like to refer to foot/basket/baseball as the generic 'sportsball' every time another big game rolls around, I can sometimes still be found in the crowd clustered around that screen when the actual tournament or game or match is played. I like the companionship, the pageantry and the food. I also have a secret weapon for game day.


Yep, I am that woman who brings out her beading tray and sits amongst the die-hard sportsball fans, calmly beading while they cheer like maniacs. I can keep up with the chatter, and keep up with the commercials, all the while keeping my hands busy. 

In my experience, anything that requires hammering or a torch will be unpopular with the real sportsball fans. I avoid those projects. My favorites are knotting and wire wrapping. I'll probably make a wire basket or create a wrap bracelet. I may make a new version of this project. Our Tutorials pages are filled with loads of free ideas that can get you ready for the game. Check them out here. 

Other tips:
Don't sit right in the middle of everything. This will annoy the sportsballers, and your beads or drink might get spilled. Sit near the crowd, but in your own seat.

Do come prepared with a little bit of something for someone else to make. I've never brought my beading out at a group function without having someone say 'oh, I wish I had something to do with my hands!' Come prepared with a bit of linen or cording and some beads for your new best friend to play with. They will thank you!

Do know a bit about the game, otherwise someone will try to explain it all to you. I find that saying something slightly specific, and encouraging, about one or two players will mostly shut down the uncle in the crowd who knows you'd love this sport if you only understood it better. Positive opinions rarely require factual defense. If you really know nothing, just ask an actual sportsball fan for some info. This year, Tracey recommends saying 'Russell Wilson seems to have his head on straight. He's very down to earth,' before you pick your pliers back up.

If you need help figuring out your sportsball craft, stop in to the store this weekend and we'll help you select a kit or kits. 

have a crafty weekend-