Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy Tuesday-

For the second week I am writing you late. I overslept today, and then finally woke to snow. Just like in the olden days, before we all had weather computers in the palms of our hands, I was surprised. The wonder of snow-SNOW-unexpectedly falling from the sky and whitening my gardens was an actual wonder.

It made me think about surprise and wonder. Some times, I think we don't have enough of that anymore. We know, to the minute sometimes, when the rain will start. We hear, well in advance of the airing, about the outcome of a movie or television show. Babies are known and named months before their birthday, and restaurant menus give us excruciating detail about every calorie we may be about to consume. Today's snow was a rarity...

Our store will still be open for a while today, even with the surprise snow. We'll have a wonderful Try It Tuesday for you, plus we have a nice group of Make-N-Takes (with a coupon below!) that you can enjoy. See the Try It Tuesday project here. We will be closing early (probably around 5) so do call before you come out. If you miss today's Try It, we'll offer it throughout the week.


Don't miss the Maker's Flea Market

Are you looking for a weird button? A big stack of burlap sacks? Some new, to you, display items for your spring shows? Join some of our favorite crafters for the ultimate Maker's Flea Market -right here in our parking lot!
Inside, we'll have April Schlanger with wine and treats, and LOADS of good deals...outside you can check out the studio props, barn wood, vintage knobs, ribbon and trim, lace, glass, art supplies and more...
Shop early, these items are one of a kind! 

Depending on the snow today (and it's still coming down!) we'll probably be here until 5 pm at the latest. Enjoy your snow day!