Monday, April 06, 2015

Are you a messy creative? If not, maybe you should try it...

Are you the messy, beads-and-ribbon-and-wire everywhere type? Is your studio filled with neatly, alphabetically organized tools and supplies? If you say yes to the second question, there might be some research suggesting you try it the other way for a while.

I struggle between my urge to be neat and my desire to work and work and work, without interrupting my work energy to clean up. My time to be creative is often limited to a few minutes at a shot; or hours at a shot if I decide to stay up way past everyone else in  my work and home. As I age, that late-night creative whirl requires a longer and longer recovery time, so I do it less. Consequently, my desk looks like someone once tried to organize it (lots of bins! with labels!) but kept getting distracted, maybe by a ferret riding a unicycle across the desk and scattering half-finished projects.

Darn that ferret.

Someday, or caffeine-driven night, I'll get that desk cleaned off. For now, I'm going to re-read this article. And maybe make the ferret a tutu and a hat.

Here, you go read the article too.