Monday, June 29, 2015

Newsletter Message, June 23rd, 2015

This week I am writing to you from a (little bit cleaner) studio space. I have tried implementing the KonMari method of house tidying and it seems to be working. This is a mystical Japanese system where you throw out 4/5th of your clothing, and afterwards reassure the remaining items that you love them by folding everything with great care. The traumatized survivor garments then encourage the rest of your house to become more tidy. I'm a bit unclear on the exact details of this last part, but I did find myself spending two hours on Sunday carefully lining up my jewelry tools on a shelf in my studioand they all fit. This has never happened before. I am going to say the tools have been scared straight by my last four tee shirts. 

It's good I've been doing all this tidying, as Pop-Up Sunday is THIS weekend and the slate of vintage vendors is quite significant. Since I've decimated my clothing in order to establish my closet dominance, there's lots of room for new items. After all, who wants to look at empty closet racks?
Now, before someone writes me and says 'oh, you have the KonMari method all wrong!' let me just explain. I did read the book (in January) and then sorted out all of my clothing (in, February? March? no, maybe April?) and so this has not been instantaneous. My closet and drawers HAVE stayed cleaner and neater. I can get dressed faster. I think the clothing that remains seems VERY GRATEFUL to have not been swooped off to the thrift store.

I believe the actual trick is that after looking at my tidy closet for a while (a few months) my brain just couldn't take the messy tools anymore. So the tools got neatened. I didn't eliminate any. They are jewelry tools, so there ARE NO EXTRAS.  I can get rid of a tee shirt that has weird sleeves, but a pair of pliers? I might need that exact size one day...I might...and as far as beads? Ribbon? Art supplies? Nope, there is NO such thing as extras. I haven't done any studio purging, but somehow things do seem neater in here.

I'll see you soon-


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