Tuesday, July 21, 2015

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Good afternoon! I'm sorry my note is late today. I returned from a trip to the mountains yesterday and my bed was SO comfortable. I feel like I left a big part of my brain under a tree in Western NC. Perhaps it's there now, watching a blue-tailed skink scamper down a branch, into a stream? 

I had a lot of fun on my mountain trip. We saw some amazing bear tracks (!!!) incredible starry skies and lots of those skinks. I am happy to be back, though. I filled my brain and my sketch books with lots of fun ideas for projects that I want to get started on. This hot weather we'll enjoy for the rest of the week gives me great incentive to stay inside in the cool air and bring those ideas to reality.

If you are looking for cool, indoor activities, we have a few good classes this weekend (look below) plus our Make-N-Take jars are full of fun ideas for you. The Decopatch paper coupon on the bottom of this note can help you to do this if you really want to keep busy! 

Pop-Up Sunday Vintage Market is THIS Sunday, and I'm looking forward to a great day. We'll have beer donated by our friends at Carolina Brewery (yum!) and all our donations will go to support Global H2O. This clean water initiative was started by a group of NCSU and UNC graduates and has put clean water wells in 30 villages in Uganda. While we don't usually support international charities at Pop-Up, the strong work done by Global H2O was so compelling we had to work with them. Learn more about Global H2O here, or when you stop by the Carolina Brewery tent at Pop-Up this Sunday. Find the list of vendors at this month's Pop-Up here

some new items in the store this week:

and now in our Etsy shop:

Well, since my brain doesn't seem to have actually returned from the mountains yet, I think I'll see if I can find some busy-work today. Perhaps there are some beads I can sort? I might be able to find those around here somewhere...

I'll see you soon-


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