Saturday, August 15, 2015

From The Repair Desk: a flapper necklace

This 1920s flapper necklace came to us in great shape, but with one broken strand. Several beads were missing on the strand, but we found a close match in a vintage seed bead that was a bit smaller. 

The necklace is a mix of loom-woven sections and strung strands and fringe.  
I used a thin braided nylon cord to replace the broken strand, and worked back through the woven pieces a bit to reinforce them. I was pleased to see that not much glue had been used on this necklace. Sometimes vintage pieces are heavily glued, which makes repairs tricky as the glue clogs bead holes! 

While I usually do repairs at the shop, there are rare jobs that require an episode of Game Of Thrones, or wine, or both to complete. Then there are those times when I have a repair that is going to be easiest to see in filtered, bright light. Lucky for me, I have this exact light on my porch! 

This repair made me want to break out my own bead loom! This type of design would be easy to recreate, and I could see myself wearing it with a linen shift in the summer.