Monday, August 03, 2015

How To Make A Guitar String Bangle

This month's First Friday FREE project is sponsored by our neighbors, Harry's Guitars. They have generously given us a LOT of guitar and bass strings, and we're going to show YOU how to turn them into bangle bracelets for women or men, or even tween girls if you think Girls Rock! (which, we DO!)

Our First Friday project will be available for FREE this Friday, from 6-8 pm, in our Raleigh store. After you make your bangle, you can pop around the corner to Harry's and check out their reception for reuse artist Brad Lambright. He's the sculptor behind Harry's iconic guitar player (out in front of the shop.) There will be live music and more up at Harry's, and you can show off your bangle!

Our neighbors at Brushstroke Gallery (across the street) and The Wine Feed (on the way to Harry's) also have great shows and specials on First Friday. Click those links to learn more.

After First Friday, this project will be available as a Make-N-Take in our store for just $6 each. Yes, we do have a free instruction sheet for this project, so if you've been hanging on to some guitar strings at home, stop in and pick up an instruction sheet to make your own version of the bangle!

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