Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Adding An Antique Patina to Raw Brass - Easy!

We sell a lot of raw brass charms and stampings here at the shop, many of which are used in that condition. Some folks like the golden hue of brass and are happy to seal it, or allow it to tarnish naturally. Sometimes, however, you really need that elephant to be a bit darker...

We love this EASY and quick method that is durable and can be sealed using clear spray paint if you want. 

We use...ta da...Sharpie Markers!

First, you color in the brass you want to antique.

Then use a polishing pad (we like these!) to remove the excess ink.

The pad gets very dark and will have to be tossed out. But the brass takes on a smooth, warm hue and a nice patina. Instantly. 

Why not use Liver of Sulphur or Silver Black?
We don't have a lot of success with our brass and Silver Black as most of our brass is low-zinc (all the better for torch firing!) Liver of Sulpur is a choice, but the mixing and the washing and the rinsing sometimes seems like too much work. Sigh. We are so spoiled.

Why not do a paint patina?
Ahh! We do love a good paint patina (look for our Painted Finishes class on this page) but this is FAST. Really, really fast. 

What if I change my mind?
At any time you can remove this patina with a bit of copper polish (we like this one.) We love changing our minds!

find the stuff:
Elephant (he's not on the site yet! Call to order him!)

And here's the Scarab in a nifty project:
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