Monday, October 19, 2015

KonMari and the Sockless

Where ARE my socks?

Earlier this year, at the end of last winter, I decided to go all KonMari on my clothing. I thought that maybe if I organized my clothes, like the sweet little book promised, I'd soon find my studio extra tidy. I sorted and pondered and cleared out so many things. I reorganized and cleared and tidied. I was brutal with sweaters, shirts and skirts that did not 'spark joy in my heart.' I had a nice long chat with so many of my clothing items.

It took a week and then my closet was neat and easier to use. I was also left with a sock drawer that, to be very honest, has given me more than one shiver of joy over the summer months. Neat, folded, tidy socks. Two rows. As 'rainbowed' as you could make a drawer of (mostly) brown and black socks.

The KonMari method is a Japanese house-keeping method of tidying and neatening your home. You start with the clothing. You commune with each piece before keeping (neatly folded!) or giving away the item of clothing. As I said, this took me a week of evenings. I was agressive and got rid of anything that did not 'spark joy' as the book suggested. I was thorough. So, I'm sure I communed with each of my warm socks before I put them...where? They did not go in the sock drawer. Nope.

It was May.

It may have been kinda hot outside. 

Oh, pleasepleaseplease tell me I did not donate them? Please?

(and by the way, the studio is a mess...)