Monday, April 11, 2016

Sometimes things take longer than you think they will...

Have you ever felt like you were both eager for something, and also didn't want it to happen?

That's how I feel, right now. Our little store is going to be closed for good, really soon (probably around the 24th?) and even though I've been chafing at the schedule, eager to move on to some exciting new things (including the exciting thing of nothing) I am also a wee bit nervous. I know I will miss the shop, and I already miss our red work table and hanging out with crafty folk there. We've still got an amazing stock of pretty beads here at the store, and I have a LOT of work to do to get the 'new' version of our webstore perfect, but the LAST DAY somehow looms over me. It is enticing and scary, all at once.

I think it's a bit how I felt that summer before I went to high school. On the one side, I was so eager to not be in my dumpy old middle school. I had a new Trapper Keeper. I had a four-color pen that clicked between each color. I had a jeans skirt and one of those side-button shirts all picked out. BUT HIGH SCHOOL!? Scary, scary, scary.

So here I am, it's the beginning of August (metaphorically, follow me for a moment...) and I'm getting ready for this new thing, BUT all the summer stuff has to happen. In this case, here, that amounts to getting the website stuff transferred over, selling as many pretties as I can so we don't have to count them, and getting to spend as much time as possible with my middle school friends (i.e. my coworkers and our customers here at the big O.)

It's hectic. So much so that I just made a complete muddle of this blog post AND I now have a weird hankering for a knee-length denim skirt and boat shoes.